Writing and history are two of my favorite things. Thus, it should be no surprise that historical fiction is my go-to genre, both in written and cinematic form. This blog will mainly focus on reviewing historical fiction books, but I will also throw in some non-fiction reviews, cinematic reviews from historical fiction movies to documentaries, and even a tidbit of history from time to time. This year alone, as of July 2017, I have read almost 8000 pages and all of them have either been historical fiction or non-fiction. Hence the title, Historical Fiction Addiction, as I am completely addicted and plan to stay that way. I see the genre of historical fiction growing in wonderful ways, like a teenager blooming into an adult, and hope this blog will help continue that positive growth by opening people’s minds to this all important genre.

If there are books that you think I should read/review, please visit the Book Suggestion page to submit books for review.

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